Saturday 17 March 2018

Librarian's Choice - Challenge One - Pride and Prejudice

I was blown away by the beautiful, creative entries into The Library's first challenge. It would be impossible for me to judge which entries were the best (or even to pick my favourites - I loved them all) so I won't even try. Instead, I've decided to highlight three entries that captured the spirit of the challenge.

Admire & Love You | by karen @ carefree creations

Karen actually owns some Jane Austen stamps, and she used them to make this wonderful CAS card.

SmilylinStef made a fabulous recreation of the book cover.

Dotty Jo  made a funny but stylish card, recalling our collective crush on Mr Darcy.

I hope you will copy the badge (above) to your blogs.

I also loved the stunning peacock-themed card ,cards where the peacocks were replaced by parrots or flowers, and those entries that evoked the regency period or romance in general. Thank you to every single crafter who entered.

Image result for pride and prejudice cover


  1. Fabulous selection of highlights, Marina. I agree: these cards captured the essence of your challenge - and Pride and Prejudice - in creative ways!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my card ... books + art = love

  3. Thanks so much, Marina! I'm currently ill in bed, so this has certainly lifted my spirits! Thanks for starting this fun challenge, Jo x

  4. Thank you, Marina, for featuring my card! I was so excited when I saw a new challenge where books are the inspiration - thank you for this wonderful challenge!!