Sunday 17 February 2019

Challenge 27 - Spark Joy


Quiet Please Crafters! You’re in The Library now.

You can be inspired by :
The cover
The title
The story

This time our book is Spark Joy by Marie Kondo,the follow-up to her best-selling 'The Life-changing Magic of Tidying'. It's an illustrated guide to following her 'Konmarie' method of decluttering - going through your belongings and asking yourself whether each item 'sparks joy'. 

Maybe you'll be inspired by the book layout or colours; maybe the words spark (fire, light, ideas) or joy (happiness, comfort and joy); or maybe you've decluttered and would like to share a layout of your before and after photos....

Here's what The Librarian came up with: 

More details on my blog. 

This challenge will close on 9th March.

Challenge 26  (The Note) will remain open for another week.

I hope you'll join The Library.