Saturday 11 April 2020

Librarian's Choice - How to Embroider Almost Anything

Our Visiting Librarian, Glenda (My Paper Cat), has now returned to her own bookshelves, but before she left, we put our heads together and picked out a few to display in The Library:

Elle-jeanne stitched this beautiful card:

Heather H was inspired by the colourful cover:

Brenda's clean and pretty stitching is a fabulous fake: 

I hope you'll copy the badge (above) and display it on your blogs.

How to Embroider Almost Everything

The current challenge ,'Egg Drop', is still open for another week but come back tomorrow for a new challenge that'll be poetry to your ears. 


  1. Dank je wel team voor het kiezen van mijn kaart als winnaar voor challenge.
    Ben er heel blij mee.
    Groetjes Elle-jeanne

  2. Thanks so much for the pick! Such a fun challenge this time! Congrats to all!