Sunday 31 January 2021

Challenge 76 - Jar of Hearts


Quiet Please Crafters! You’re in The Library now.

You can be inspired by :
The cover
The title
The story

This time, our book is a  2018  thriller, Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier. Described as 'gritty, suspenseful and utterly unforgettable' , it's the story of three best friends: one who was murdered, one who went to prison, and one who's been searching for the truth for years . 

Maybe you'll be inspired by the hearts in the title or the  falling petals on the cover or something else..? (Probably not the murder, but you never know...) 

Here's what The Librarian made: 

More details on my blog.

This challenge will close on  21st February. 

Challenge 75 - A Room with a View - remains open till 6th February. 

I hope you'll join The Library.

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