Saturday, 4 January 2020

Librarian's Choice - Rupert Annual

Thank you for all the fabulous entries into this challenge. 

The Librarian has selected a couple to display in The Library.

Plaid, Christmas tree, yellow title...Cheryl E managed to tick all the Rupert boxes on her lovely layout:

Just a bear, a tree, and a snowstorm -  I Card Everyone 's card is a great take on the cover:

I hope you'll copy the badge (above) and display it on your blogs. 

Rupert Bear Annual 1965 - I had this Nan used to buy me one every Christmas (right up until I was 35!!)

The current challenge, Anthology, is still open for another week and come back tomorrow when a Visiting Librarian will be sharing a book about a boy and his dogs. 


  1. Marina, I am so very pleased, and honored! This Rupert was so much fun to create - and oh the mess I made with all that snow!
    Congratulations, Cheryl - you look as if you've had just as much fun creating that darling memory!

  2. Thanks for choosing my layout as one of your literary picks! The book cover offered great inspiration. Looking forward to more challenges in 2020.