Sunday 14 February 2021

Challenge 77 - Big Red Bath


Quiet Please Crafters! You’re in The Library now.

You can be inspired by :
The cover
The title
The story

This time, we're in the younger children's section of The Library with a picture storybook- Big Red Bath by Julia Jarman and Adrian Reynolds. In this story, the children's toy animals come to life and jump into the bath with them. 

Here's what The Librarian made. As you can see, she was inspired by the cover but you could be inspired by the bath, the animals, the colour red...or something else?

More details on my blog.

This challenge will close on 6th March 

Challenge 76 - Jar of Hearts - remains open till 21st February. 

I hope you'll join The Library.

1 comment:

  1. Love your card, Marina! Hmmm, well, would you believe I don't make many kids cards, may sit this one out. I'll have to mull it, the animals may be workable for me. Then again, if I can find some time, this is a good excuse for making some cards for sick kids charity. We'll see. Happy Valentine's to you! xoxo