Sunday, 14 March 2021

Librarian's Choice - Big Red Bath


Thank you for the fabulous and fun creations entered into this challenge. Here are a few for The Library display:

Indy's ducks are enjoying their red bath: 

I'm not exactly sure what A.Rose's cat is doing in his red tray , but the bubbles are spectacular:

Aimeslee creatively combined the bath and the zoo animals: 

I hope you'll copy the badge (above) and display it on your blogs.

The Garden Birdwatcher's Bible  is still open for another week but I'm still loitering in the non-fiction section and , with a spring in my step, will be posting a new challenge shortly. 


  1. Such a great theme and lovely cards, Jo x

  2. Oh, I'm THRILLED to have my card on Librarian's Display! Reminding me of when I was a kid in the summers at my municipal library, we always had a reading contest with a display of prehistoric earth and all the participants had plastic dinosaurs that progressed on the paths the more books we read, and my dinosaur made it up to the mountain top! Our children's librarian was Audrey Maeser, Ellen deGeneris' aunt! Thank you so much! Once I got my adult idea on the cover, I had a blast making it! XOXO

  3. Thank you for choosing my card to display! :)